Livestream Event – The Aftermath, FBI Documentary



The Jeffco DeAngelis Foundation and the Colorado Healing Fund invite you to join us for a viewing of the recently released FBI documentary, IN THE AFTERMATH: WHEN THE SHOOTING STOPS, RECOVERY BEGINS. This insightful look into critical elements of recovery following events of mass violence is sure to spark conversations within your own community about our shared responsibility to keep our children safe, both physically and emotionally. This viewing will be immediately followed by a roundtable discussion featuring some of the most esteemed voices in the arena of school and community safety.


The recording is available here!


When: Tuesday, October 20 1:00 PM MST


Access: Click this link


Esteemed Discussion Panel

Marcello Abbruzzetti – FBI
Cynthia Coffman – Colorado Healing Fund
Frank DeAngelis – Former Principal Columbine High School
Michele Gay – Safe and Sound Schools
Terri Glisson – FBI
John Michael Keys – “I Love U Guys” Foundation
John McDonald – Executive Director, Department of School Safety, Jeffco Schools
Dr. John Nicoletti – Police Psychologist
Kevin Carroll – Jeffco DeAngelis Foundation – Facilitator



HandoutOctober 20 DeAngelis Foundation Livestream Event



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