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Our presenters are nationally recognized leaders in school safety, and education, bringing a firsthand perspective of lessons learned from the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. The impact school violence can have on a community will be explored including the importance of resiliency and ongoing recovery, which continue today in the Sandy Hook community. This is a unique opportunity as many school safety presentations center solely on middle school and high school events. While appropriate for all audiences, school or community-based, and all levels, particular interest may be expressed by elementary administrators and educators, in addition to counselors, psychologists, social workers, and social-emotional learning specialists of all levels. There will be an open Q&A period at the close of the presentation addressing attendee questions.

When: February 28, 2020

Location: The Cable Center, Malone Theater, 2000 Buchtel Blvd South, Denver, CO 80201

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Cost: This training is fully sponsored by the Jeffco DeAngelis Foundation and is being provided at no cost to participants.

Session Size: Session is limited to 200 participants, registration is required.

Registration is closed for this event. Thank you!

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Our Presenters

Michele Gay

Mother, educator, and co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools, Michele Gay chose to take action after losing her daughter Josephine Grace on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary. Since that time, Gay has worked to improve safety and security in schools and communities across our country. An elementary educator prior to the tragedy, and now a nationally recognized public speaker and school safety expert, Gay reaches audiences and consults with all levels of community institutions — schools; municipalities; houses of worship; educational and public safety leadership; state and federal governments; and law enforcement agencies. As an educator, fueled by the heart of a mother and community member, Gay is uniquely positioned to help others prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from tragedies of their own. Gay remains inspired by Josephine, every day, honoring her memory through this work to ensure that every school, every child, and every community is truly safe and sound.

Natalie Hammond

Natalie Hammond taught third grade at Sandy Hook Elementary for thirteen years before becoming the Lead Teacher in the building. In a morning meeting on December 14, 2012, she heard alarming sounds outside of the main office. She, along with the Principal and School Psychologist, confronted the unknown. Although wounded multiple times in the attack, Natalie survived her injuries. She now serves as Principal in a PreK-4 elementary school in Connecticut. Since the tragedy, she works with groups around the country to discuss resiliency in the face of adversity, the importance of communication and collaboration when developing safety plans, and the necessity of embedding social-emotional learning in our daily practices as educators.