Dr. Nicoletti is a Board Certified Specialist in Police and Public Safety Psychology. In addition to Police Psychology, Dr. Nicoletti specializes in identifying, assessing and defusing attack related behaviors, workplace violence prevention, and trauma recovery. He works with numerous agencies and school Districts on developing protocols and threat management for insider threats of violence. He was on scene at the April 20, 1999 Columbine school shooting and the Platte Canyon High School shooting in September 2006. He also responded to the Aurora Theater shooting in July 2012. Dr. Nicoletti was selected to be part of an investigative team for the Virginia Tech. and Arapahoe High School shootings. He also was part of a team to development mental health intervention programs for miners in the outback of Australia.


In his other area of specialization, Dr. Nicoletti and his staff provide preemployment psychological screenings for various law enforcement and fire department, as well as screenings for deployment to isolated environments such as Antarctica and the Outback of Australia. Dr. Nicoletti has written three books in the areas of violence. Dr. Nicoletti has provided on site assistance in the trauma recovery for various mass casualty and line of duty death events. Dr. Nicoletti was invited to be a trainer for the Department of Energy National Insider Threat Task Force this last July as well as providing assistance to the Department of Energy on improving their Human Reliability Program for Security Clearances.


Most recently Dr. Nicoletti presented to various Department of Defense Intelligence Agencies on dealing with Inside Threats of violence. Dr. Nicoletti was selected to be one of two psychologists to be a member of the Valor Project which is developing best practices for officer wellness and resiliency.