Lieutenant Michael Touchton is a 23-year veteran and is currently assigned to Patrol as a Watch Commander. He has also served in Patrol the Criminal Investigations Bureau as a Sergeant, Detective, and the Traffic Unit. He is currently part of the Jefferson County Regional SWAT team Command where he was previously an Assistant Team Leader and Operator from 2003 to 2012. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western State College of Colorado.

Lieutenant Touchton was operator for the Jefferson County Regional SWAT team during the bulldozer incident in Granby, Colorado in 2004, during the hostage rescue at Platt Canyon High School in 2006, and an Officer Rescue mission in 2006 in which over 30 rounds were fired at Law Enforcement. He assisted in the investigation of the Youth With a Mission school shooting in 2007.

Mike serves as a certified Colorado POST instructor and provides instruction in Patrol and SWAT Tactics, RAID (Rapid and Immediate Deployment) for patrol teams and the Single Officer Response to an Active Shooter, Less Lethal Gas/ OC Impact Devices, Firearms, Arrest Control and Defensive Tactics, Officer Survival, and many other disciplines. Mike is a member of Arvada Police Department committee on active shooter response and scene management. He worked extensively with the Arvada Fire Protection District to develop the active shooter Rescue Taskforce response.
He has provided instruction to cadets at the Red Rocks Community College Law Enforcement Academy, Jefferson County School District and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Academy.

Lieutenant Touchton has received 2 Medals for Valor, 2 Medals for Distinguished Service, and 1 Medal for Meritorious Service.