Karl Ballard is the Administrative Lieutenant for the RTD Transit Police Department. In his current role, he assigns members to specific teams to ensure adequate coverage is available to serve the RTD Community, oversees the monthly schedule of sergeants and directed patrol and assigns extra patrol to specific problem areas, while also ensuring additional police presence by the RTD Community is accommodated. Karl is responsible for providing guidance, updates and training to his Department on all matters affecting professional standards in Law Enforcement and provides updates and implementation of the Department’s Policy Manual which requires expert knowledge of policy and procedure. He ensures all policies developed meet the requirements adopted by the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police with the intent to more clearly define the role and responsibilities of a Colorado Peace Officer and to enhance the quality of services provided, while working to achieve accreditation through the C.A.C.P. Karl also oversees the Internal Affairs Review Board. Acting in the role of his Department’s Training Coordinator, Karl coordinates and schedules all Departmental monthly training and is responsible for ensuring all members meet the required training mandated by the Peace Officer Standards and Training for the state of Colorado. He  serves in the role of lead firearms, arrest control, and tactics instructor. Prior to the RTD Transit Police Department, Karl served as Detective Sergeant with the West Metro Drug Task Force and Sergeant with the Arvada Police Department.

Karl received his B.A. in Liberal Arts, with a Minor in History, and was a Varsity Athlete (Football) from the Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Karl has received one Medal of Meritorious Service, two Police Chief Commendations, two Life Saving Awards, and was named the 2007 Jefferson County Police Academy Top Police Recruit.