The Jeffco DeAngelis Foundation is pleased to sponsor training for schools, and school districts, in Mesa County and the surrounding area October 15-16 at the Colorado Mesa University Student Center.

Opening remarks Kevin Carroll, Executive Director, Jeffco DeAngelis Foundation.

Viewing of brief FBI documentary exploring the issue of school shootings and what schools, parents, and law enforcement can do to help prevent these attacks.

John McDonald, Executive Director of Safety and Security for Jefferson County Schools, shares his perspective on the importance of a thoughtful and thorough threat assessment system.

Katherine Kuhlmann, Psy.D., Police & Public Safety Psychologist, Nicoletti-Flater Associates will ensure participants leave with an understanding regarding the following questions: 

  • Who are the key players?
  • What are their responsibilities?
  • What are the right questions to be asking?
  • What should a team be looking and listening for before, during, and after the threat assessment processes?

Participants will explore an array of real-world student examples emphasizing key components of an effective threat assessment system.